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Herbal Medicine

Clean, Green & Organic Formulations

Expert Guidance

Do you have an amazing idea for a product in the health/ingestible, skin/hair/beauty, or home/cleaning space, but no idea how to bring it to life? 

I can help you turn your big idea into reality in a matter of weeks.

What are the steps involved?

  1. I'll send you a New Product Development Brief document for you to complete.

  2. You send it back to me, with the product concept, target customer, product characteristics, existing product benchmarks for comparison and expected launch date.

  3. We agree to work together.

  4. I'll get onto sourcing local and international ingredients and create a custom product sample for you to test. 

  5. You send me feedback and I make a couple of adjustments, if necessary.

  6. We discuss the packaging and labelling requirements.

  7. Once everything is good to go, you place your first order for your own industry leading health or beauty product!

Clean, Green & Organic Formulations: Services
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